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Pool Equipment Upgrades That Will Save You Money
February 24, 2021
Pool Service

Upgrades to pool facilities that save time and energy should be considered

SAVE ENERGY: “Go Green” and save money at the same time!
Pumps, filters, lamps, heaters, and control systems have all been developed to be more cost-effective. Swimming pools today use about 60% less energy than they did 20 years ago.

Pool Equipment Upgrades That Will Save You Money

Heat Pump

When compared to gas heaters, it uses up to 80% less energy.
On very hot days, some models can even cool the temperature.
For a few pennies a day, you can extend the swimming season.
Pump with several speeds or variable speeds

When compared to single-speed pumps, it uses up to 75% less energy.
Runs for longer periods of time at a low cost, keeping the pool cleaner.
Filter with a High Capacity and Low Resistance

  • Filters the water with less pressure.
  • Allows the pump to run at a low-energy setting with ease.
  • Solar blankets and automatic covers

The pool is kept clean by a single button that keeps kids, critters, and debris out. As a result, the boiler has to operate less. Reduces the use of chemicals as well.

SAVE TIME: Today’s Pools Almost Look After Themselves!

New breakthroughs in low-maintenance pool appliances eliminate the drudgery of pool ownership, from chemical control to spa automation to automated cleaners.

Pool Automation Systems

From anywhere, switch on the spa, boiler, pumps, and lights. Chemicals are automatically monitored and managed. It’s accessible from anywhere, even your smartphone!tor that already exists.

Variable Speed Pumps

Magnet motors with high efficiency and low vibration and noise are used in variable speed pumps. Of course, the efficiency level of your variable speed pump will be determined by your pool, ensuring that the water is perfectly filtered for efficient chemical circulation.

Variable speed pumps, unlike conventional single-speed pumps, have three to eight adjustable speeds and are controlled by built-in timers to ensure optimal speed and length.

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